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A Supply Chain is the global network that allows the manufacturer and distribution of goods at every stage. Understanding and managing supply chains is critical to the future. The Warehousing and Distribution segment of the Supply Chain is the SECOND MOST IN DEMAND skills set in Australia in 2021. So…

Employment Opportunity for our Students

We're excited to announce an employment partnership with ACUG, a leading employer of contract, casual and permanent staff in Logistics and Warehousing. Helping create genuine, meaningful employment for our graduates closes the training and employment circle perfectly. Full details below.

Expired Forklift Licence?

Many people ask what to do when their Forklift licence or other HRW licence expires. When a current forklift licence expires, the licence holder has 12 months from that date to renew it. The renewal process is simple and is done online with the Qld Government here. There is a…

Worker falls from forklift

In December 2020, a worker suffered serious injuries when he fell from a forklift. Early investigations indicate he was attempting to repair a jammed roller door. The man was working from a stillage container being used as a makeshift work box and had been lifted on the tines of a…

Are You Ready?

The numbers are in - 7.1% unemployment, now is not the time to be invisible in the job market. This is the time to stand out. Scott Morrison says “these are our dark times” as “heartbreaking” jobless figures show another 227,700 people lost their jobs in May thanks to coronavirus.…

Spare Time = Skills Time

Many people are on unplanned work breaks due to COVID-19. Some are using the time to learn new skills for whatever comes next. The employment landscape will be different when the sun sets on COVID-19. There are many unknowns, but what we do know is that unemployment will be high…

Fake Job Ad Warning

Maybe you have just lost your job due to COVID-19, or the work is about to dry up. The first thing to do is look for something else - jump online and see what might be available. Beware of the fake job ads. They are everywhere, and is full…

Fake Jobs Ads – What happens to your information?

Fake Jobs in Brisbane and Gold Coast on Seek StaffCo, BYC Recruitment, Platinum Staff, iEmploy Recruitment, Food Processing Jobs, Process Manufacturing Jobs

Does that picture look familiar? When job hunting we don't think twice about handing over our personal information. is full of fake job ads, where your personal information is being sold by fake-job advertisers to companies who then try and talk you into doing a "free" training course, to…

Fake Jobs: The Facts

It's 2020 and the fake jobs are back. Have you applied for a job on, Jora and Indeed and been told you need to complete a course first? A free one, funded by the Government? Have you wondered why the same job you applied for is advertised again and…

WHSQ Announces New Inspection Campaign

Inspectors are on the move and checking licences WHSQ today announced a new inspection campaign focussing on pedestrian safety around vehicles and mobile plant. As well as traffic management on-site, inspectors are checking: if operators hold current high-risk work licences e.g. Forklift, Order Picker whether mobile plant is properly maintained. Learn…

Considered a career in Logistics?

hi reach forklift

Logistics is one of the largest employers in Australia - over 1.2 million workers. It’s kind of a big deal. The largest industry, and the largest employer in Australia moving goods from one place to another. Everything that is imported passes through the Logistics chain Every product that is sold…

Fake Jobs – Don’t Lose Your Training Funding

Staffco Fake Jobs, Platinum Staff Fake Jobs, Fake Jobs

Ads look familiar? Are they real? You get ONE opportunity for Government Funded Training. Don't lose it on the promise of a job that may not exist. Hundreds of people we speak with have been applying for jobs online, then end up in a training course. They may have been…

Fake Jobs – Don’t Lose Your Training Funding

Staffco Fake Jobs, Platinum Staff Fake Jobs, Fake Jobs

Ads look familiar? Are they real? Hundreds of people we speak with have been applying for jobs online, then end up in a training course. They may have been sent to a "free training course". Namely government-funded free training. In addition, they may have been told the training is needed…

Applied for a job and ended up in a training course?

Fake Job Warning

Does this sound like you or a friend? Every week we hear from people talking about how they applied for a job and ended up in a "free funded training course" to lead to the job.  None one of them actually ended up getting a job. What happens then? People…

Checked your license expiry lately?

Expired Forklift License

License expiry is important to know when you hold a high-risk license, like a Forklift, Order Picker, Reach Stacker, Boom Lift license, it is valid for 5 years from the date it is issued, so Forklift License renewal is critical. Work Safe Qld sends a reminder letter to the address…

WARNING: Fake Job Scams – PART 1

Fake Job Ads on Seek

Fake Jobs Scam – Part 1 of 2 As a training provider, we hear from people every day who have been tangled up in fake job scams. Often this has led to them being encouraged to do a training course on the promise of a job but that has led…

One Day Forklift Course?

Verification of Competency

CONSIDERING A ONE DAY FORKLIFT COURSE? IT MIGHT PAY TO LOOK A LITTLE CLOSER Over the past months, training organisations including One Stop Training have been contacted by people who had received letters from the Qld Government about an intention to cancel their Forklift Licence, and could we help them…

Forklift Licences Cancelled

Forklift Licences Cancelled in Brisbane

Last week the Office of Industrial Relations sent letters to some Forklift operators in South East Qld, warning their licences may be cancelled. The assessors have not properly completed the testing. Therefore the training and assessment process was not compliant, making the licence invalid. FORKLIFT LICENCES CANCELLED Forklift Licences are…

Online White Card Banned – Face to Face Only

Online White Card banned

Online White Card Training banned from February 1, 2019. The Construction Induction White Card is the first line of defense in keeping workers and the public safe from the impact of construction activities. Many work-sites have stopped accepting cards issued online. During training, it was unclear if the person completing…

Forklift Safety for Workers

One Stop Training Forklift Brisbane

What do I need to check before operating a forklift? You should: complete a pre-operational check by following the manufacturer’s instructions in the forklift manual report any damage or problems to your supervisor immediately remove the key and tag out unsafe forklifts to prevent unauthorised use. Checklist for pre-operational checks: You…

Worker run over by Forklift

In May 2018, a worker was struck and run over by a forklift in the loading bay of an industrial workplace on the Gold Coast. Initial inquiries indicate he was standing in the loading bay when the forklift reversed away after returning product to an outside rack. The forklift hit…

Got a handle on things?

Did you know that the Forklift is the most commonly used piece of mobile plant in the world? From giant distribution centres to a local fruit and vegetable shop. From huge engineering plants to a bottle shop. Every operator not only need a licence to operate one but also needs…

Why some online White Cards are being rejected by worksites

Face to Face White Card Course Brisbane and Gold Coast

Recently we have been contacted by workers wanting to do our face to face white card course because they have not been allowed access to some construction work-sites because they did their White Card course online. Why? Because the principal contractor was not satisfied that the quality of the training…

Hear the one about the Kangaroo and the Forklift?

For Commonwealth Games awesomeness it's hard to go past Matilda - the giant winking Kangaroo. Why? Because Matilda was actually a Forklift. Yep, that's a whole lot of chicken wire and plaster of Paris (zero fact-checking on construction methods btw) being driven around by a forklift #forkliftlicence #nolimits Gold Coast…

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