WARNING: Fake Job Scams – PART 1

Fake Jobs Scam – Part 1 of 2 As a training provider, we hear from people every day who have been tangled up in fake job scams. Often this has led to them being encouraged to do a training course on the promise of a job but that has led…

Where could a career in Logistics take you?

Working in the logistics industry

The Logistics industry is one of the largest employers in Australia and includes the warehousing and distribution industry. The logistics industry is very broad and includes not only the transportation and delivery of goods but also the storage, handling, inventory, packaging and various other aspects. The logistics industry is about…

One Day Forklift Course?

Verification of Competency

CONSIDERING A ONE DAY FORKLIFT COURSE? IT MIGHT PAY TO LOOK A LITTLE CLOSER Over the past months, training organisations including One Stop Training have been contacted by people who had received letters from the Qld Government about an intention to cancel their Forklift Licence, and could we help them…

Forklift Licences Cancelled

Forklift Licences Cancelled in Brisbane

Last week the Office of Industrial Relations sent letters to some Forklift operators in South East Qld, warning their licences may be cancelled. The assessors have not properly completed the testing. Therefore the training and assessment process was not compliant, making the licence invalid. FORKLIFT LICENCES CANCELLED Forklift Licences are…

Online White Card Banned – Face to Face Only

Online White Card banned

Online White Card Training banned from February 1, 2019. The Construction Induction White Card is the first line of defense in keeping workers and the public safe from the impact of construction activities. Many work-sites have stopped accepting cards issued online. During training, it was unclear if the person completing…

Forklift Safety for Workers

One Stop Training Forklift Brisbane

What do I need to check before operating a forklift? You should: complete a pre-operational check by following the manufacturer’s instructions in the forklift manual report any damage or problems to your supervisor immediately remove the key and tag out unsafe forklifts to prevent unauthorised use. Checklist for pre-operational checks: You…

Worker run over by Forklift

In May 2018, a worker was struck and run over by a forklift in the loading bay of an industrial workplace on the Gold Coast. Initial inquiries indicate he was standing in the loading bay when the forklift reversed away after returning product to an outside rack. The forklift hit…

Got a handle on things?

Did you know that the Forklift is the most commonly used piece of mobile plant in the world? From giant distribution centres to a local fruit and vegetable shop. From huge engineering plants to a bottle shop. Every operator not only need a licence to operate one but also needs…

Why some online White Cards are being rejected by worksites

Face to Face White Card Course Brisbane and Gold Coast

Recently we have been contacted by workers wanting to do our face to face white card course because they have not been allowed access to some construction work-sites because they did their White Card course online. Why? Because the principal contractor was not satisfied that the quality of the training…

Hear the one about the Kangaroo and the Forklift?

For Commonwealth Games awesomeness it's hard to go past Matilda - the giant winking Kangaroo. Why? Because Matilda was actually a Forklift. Yep, that's a whole lot of chicken wire and plaster of Paris (zero fact-checking on construction methods btw) being driven around by a forklift #forkliftlicence #nolimits Gold Coast…

Unlicenced Forklift Operators and Employer Fined

A prominent warehousing and distribution company has been fined after two of its forklift operators were found without documentary evidence that they were competent to operate the forklifts. A worksafe inspector visited the company to investigate an incident where a worker was struck by a forklift. The inspector found two…

$95 Forklift Licence and Logistics course? Yep

Funded by the Qld Government under the Certificate 3 Guarantee Program, we are excited to offer the Certificate III in Logistics, bundled with our Forklift Licence Course - for course details go here. Eligibility criteria apply, check here to see if you are eligible. Come along to one of our…

One Day Forklift Course – the truth

Recently there have been many ads for One Day Forklift Training - get started for $100. Every day we receive calls asking if these ads are real and how it works - are these courses that people keep hearing about true? Long story short, the stories are true - sort…

Fine Over Forklift Hit

SQW training brisbane

MASSENA (trading as Star Freightlines) has been fined $20,000 over an incident in which an employee was injured by a reversing forklift. Massena pleaded guilty to failing to provide and maintain a safe work environment and was fined in the Magistrates Court. The two delivery drivers were engaged in a…

Getting caught unlicensed

Verification of Competency

Penalties of up to $3000 may apply for people who operate a Forklift without a licence. The fine for an Employer who instructed or permitted that person to operate the machinery without confirming licence and competency beforehand is even greater, and if an incident has occurred the fines can be…

Brisbane Northside Forklift Training

Living on the Northside of Brisbane and looking for the best Forklift Licence Training course in town? One Stop Training is now at Eagle Farm! Delivering Forklift Licence Courses every week with excellent machinery and a great new location. With a nearly 97% pass rate we provide all the tools…

Do you need a license to operate a forklift?

The simple answer – yes. Forklifts (or forklift trucks) are used across a wide range of industries including warehousing, construction, and manufacturing. These industrial trucks are designed to lift and move heavy loads over short distances. Forklift operation in Australia requires all forklift drivers to be licensed operators, so forklift…

White Card Issued Same Day

Want to work in Construction? Starting in 2017 we will be holding regular face to face White Card Construction Induction courses with the card issued SAME DAY.  The White Card is recognised in all states of Australia and is a mandatory requirement for all construction sites. Face to face training…

Have you considered a Training Career?

Training Career

Would you like to work in a professional and supportive environment? One Stop is looking for enthusiastic 'Trainee Trainers'. What makes an ideal candidate?  Someone who fulfills some of the criteria or can bring something else to the role. Current machinery licence and experience in operation. E.g. Forklift, Order Picker,…

A new 2016 can start now

2016 is just around the corner and it's that tight pocket time of year - what better time to get ready for an exciting 2016 using our Government Funded training opportunities. Our Certificate I courses include your choice of Forklift, Order Picker, EWP, Working at Heights, Confined Space. NO STUDENT…

Did somebody say Jobs?

Since starting our Certificate II in Road Transport - Freight Handler qualification, 77% of our students have either gained employment or moved on to further study. Why?  Because this is real training, by real trainers in a real training environment. Hands on machinery training, and fun, informative class sessions. Add…

98% of our students complete their studies

With a lot of talk and press about Training Organisation completion rates, we thought we might tell the world what ours are. Certificate Courses in Warehousing, Road Transport, Logistics and Construction lead to genuine job opportunities after genuine training. Hands on training in our warehouses and simulated workplaces allow trainees…

Soldiering on with an ex-serviceman

Training Career

Walking Wounded is a great Aussie charity working with returned servicemen and women established to assist in the psychological rehabilitation and recovery of returned Australian soldiers who are experiencing hardships after their time in service. A key focus area is assisting in the training and employment of returned service personnel…

Four things only Forkies understand…

1. No actually I can't hear you. I am sitting on an engine. 2. No thanks, I don't need your random hand signals. 3. Yes actually, I am blind.  I just drove out of a dark warehouse into bright sunlight. 4. I know there are no windows but that doesn't mean I can…

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