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Container Forklift – Toplift

The container handling forklift, while operated under the LF forklift licence, is very different to a conventional counterbalance type forklift. These are massive machines in both size and weight – a fully loaded container handler can weigh in excess of 100 tonnes. Container Forklift Training is a workplace-based training solution.

Gold Coast

Container handling forklift training is delivered as on-site workplace training. Above all, it is conducted by experienced industry specialist trainers. Therefore trainees can learn the fundamentals of operating safely and correctly in their workplace.


Of note, licencing is regulated by Worksafe Queensland. Consequently, licence holders are required to maintain competency. As a result, licences must be renewed every five years.

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Training Includes

  • Operation of specific on-site machinery types and brands
  • Overhead spreader and heavy tyne training
  • WH&S legislation and compliance requirements
  • Management of individual site hazards

Container Handling Forklift Training Offers

  • Qualified, experienced trainers who treat every student as an individual
  • Flexible, tailored on-site instruction
  • Container handling forklift theory training
  • Container handling forklift practical training
  • All training and learning materials provided

Furthermore, a properly trained and multi-skilled workforce equals a safe, flexible and efficient workforce.

We Work With...

"I just completed my Certificate III and forklift ticket. I couldn’t have asked for a better and more understanding teacher. One of the best! Very accommodating to everyone in the classroom and ensures that you understand each question correctly and are kept up to date so no one falls behind. Great experience, great teacher. Thank you!"


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