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WAVE Work Assist Vehicle

When it comes to purpose-built machinery there are few things that compare to a W.A.V.E. work assist vehicle. Driven from an elevating platform, this low-level order picker is found in warehouse and retail environments, where space is at a minimum, and repetitive low-level picking is required.


The W.A.V.E. or Work Assist Vehicle is a personal stock picker made by Crown. It is a unique materials handling machine that is used in-store at many warehouse-style retailers, as well as general pick and pack warehouses.

While it has been designed to be simple to operate, its controls are unique, as are the requirements to operate it. There is no high-risk-licence class that applies to the WAVE, however, and by law, operators are still required to have been formally trained in the use of the equipment by a qualified and competent person.

Employers are required to be able to demonstrate evidence that appropriate training has been delivered and documented – this is exactly what we do as a Registered Training Organisation, with written competencies and outcomes, and a formal assessment.

How to book your Walkie Stacker training

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One Stop Training has created a learning program built for the W.A.V.E. that can be delivered face to face to individuals or groups anywhere in Queensland.

One Stop Training provides an end-to-end solution for those wishing to gain and prove competency, as well as maintaining ongoing evidence via the Verification of Continuing Competency process.

The course takes approximately half a day and is held in a group training environment on client sites for up to 10 people per session.

Components of the training:

  • Prestart checks
  • Shutdown procedures
  • Driving and operating the equipment to site conditions
  • Applying safe work practices
  • Identifying potential hazards and risks
  • Motion, raising and lowering the platform
  • Managing stability
  • Loading and unloading from a picking system
  • Load stacking and storage
  • Working safely around other machines and personnel
  • Safely parking and securing equipment

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