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Straddle Carrier

When it comes to purpose-built machinery there are few things that compare to a straddle carrier. Do you have staff you want trained? We wrote the book. Literally!

Australia Wide

One Stop Training has a learning program built to suit the straddle carrier and can be delivered face to face to individuals or groups anywhere in Australia. This is an end-to-end solution for those wishing to demonstrate competency, as well as maintaining ongoing evidence via the Verification of Competency process.

The most common form of evidence of this competence is via a course built and delivered by a Registered Training Organisation, with written competencies and outcomes, and a formal assessment.

Any person instructing another party to operate any plant or equipment has the responsibility under law to ensure the operator is trained, licensed where required and instructed in the specifics of the particular piece of equipment being operated.

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We are the leaders in Straddle Carrier Training - we wrote the book.

Driven from either a central or side mounted position, this is a serious solution for high volume, limited access areas and container parks. The Straddle Carrier has no high-risk licence class applied to it, but operators, however, are still required to have been formally trained in the use of the equipment by a qualified and competent person and maintain that competency.

The custom training program includes:

  • Conducting pre-start checks
  • Shutdown procedures on completion of operations
  • Driving and operating the equipment to site conditions
  • Applying safe work practices
  • Identifying and reporting all potential hazards
  • Managing risks and environmental issues
  • Applying problem-solving and troubleshooting techniques
  • Loading/unloading of truck trailer
  • Container stacking/storage
  • Selecting and using the required tools and equipment
  • Working safely around other machines and personnel
  • Safely parking and securing equipment

"I just completed my Certificate III and forklift ticket. I couldn’t have asked for a better and more understanding teacher. One of the best! Very accommodating to everyone in the classroom and ensures that you understand each question correctly and are kept up to date so no one falls behind. Great experience, great teacher. Thank you!"


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