Application to review fees

We understand things happen and circumstances change which may affect course attendance or completion. Wherever possible we will assist you in completing your course.

Tell us about your circumstances.

Before your request any fees waived, please review your Student Handbook and Pre-Course information which was emailed on enrolment.

There are strict Qld Government regulations around high risk licencing assessment. We are not permitted to deviate from those regulations.

Please speak to the team on 1300556387 to discuss your circumstances. We will always do what is within our power to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy is defined in the Student Handbook that you were emailed on enrolment. Cancellations are required to be made two business days from the scheduled start time of the course in question.

Can I reschedule to another course?

Yes, absolutely. Your rescheduling must be done prior to two business days from the start of the course in question.

What if I don't arrive at the course?

When booking into a high risk licence course, the seat in the course is allocated and WorkSafe Qld notified of each person’s upcoming assessment. The place in the course is cannot then be re-sold and the course cannot be overbooked.

Much like a ticket on a plane, if someone doesn’t arrive for takeoff, the plane will still leave with the others on board. To book another seat on another plane, another ticket needs to be bought.

To book another place on another course, a full course fee will apply.

Please refer to the cancellation policy in the Student Handbook and in your confirmation email for more information.

I forgot my identification

It is not permitted for any training provider to assess a person unable to provide the mandatory identification. This is explained in detail during the course.

This is a Qld Government requirement and training providers are permitted no discretion to do otherwise. Should you wish to have your circumstances reviewed, WorkSafe Queensland can be contacted on 1300632128.

Can I get a refund?

If you cancel your enrolment greater than two business days from the start of a scheduled course, you are entitled to a 100% refund of any fees, should you wish.

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