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A Supply Chain is the global network that allows the manufacturer and distribution of goods at every stage. Understanding and managing supply chains is critical to the future.

The Warehousing and Distribution segment of the Supply Chain is the SECOND MOST IN DEMAND skills set in Australia in 2021. So critical, that it is second only to Nursing.

The Australian Government Job Outlook provides insight into the requirements, growth, wages and other data on the diversity roles. Some of which include:

Forklift Drivers
Freight Handlers
Other Mobile Plant Operators
Purchasing and Supply Logistics Clerks
Transport and Despatch Clerks
Supply, Distribution and Procurement Managers
Transport Services Managers
Truck Drivers
Couriers and Postal Deliverers

One Stop Training delivers regular, Government Funded Training in Logistics and Supply Chain, which includes electives such as Forklift Licence Course in Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast. Learn more…