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License expiry is important to know when you hold a high-risk license, like a Forklift, Order Picker, Reach Stacker, Boom Lift license, it is valid for 5 years from the date it is issued, so Forklift License renewal is critical.

Work Safe Qld sends a reminder letter to the address you entered when you got the license before it expires. If you have changed addresses and not updated it with them, you will not get the reminder letter.

It is your personal responsibility to renew your license, not an employers responsibility.

Once your license expires, you are unlicensed until you renew it. If your license has been expired for more than 12 months, you cannot renew it. You will be required to do the course again, including the assessment and pay all the fees again.

How to avoid this:

  • Keep your address for your High Risk Work License up to date with Work Safe Qld. It is quick and easy online.
  • Check the expiry date on your license today. Make a note of the expiry in your phone, or on your calendar so there are no surprises.

What to do if your license is expired:

  • less than 12 months. Renew it online ASAP, and don’t operate a machine until you have.
  • Over 12 months. Your license is expired and not able to be renewed. Call us on 1300556387. Get yourself booked in for either an experienced operator course or the full course is you are not an ‘everyday-operator’.
  • Remember, you’re unlicensed, so don’t drive until you have this fixed.  It is your decision every time you get on a machine unlicensed, not an employer.

Things that don’t help:

  • Saying you never received the renewal notification – Work Safe Qld will tell you it is your responsibility to know the date on the license
  • Asking for special consideration because of your circumstances – Work Safe Qld tells people it does not change the responsibility for knowing if/when a license is expired
  • Saying that nobody at work said it was expired – Work Safe Qld will tell you it is your responsibility to know the date on the license
  • Asking to ‘just do a refresher’ or Verification of Competency to avoid the full course if it has been expired longer than 12 months. Refresher training is only for people who hold a current license and does not have a license outcome at the end of it.
  • Saying it was someone elses fault that you didn’t get the renewal notice. Work Safe Qld will tell you it is your responsibility
  • Saying that you didn’t know you had to keep your address up to date – Work Safe Qld will tell you that you actually agreed to keep your address up to date in the terms and conditions of getting the license originally, and you should know.

What else?

  • Old ‘paper-based’ licenses are all expired and invalid. None of them are recognized anywhere in Australia any more.
  • Old ‘blue and yellow’ OHSA plastic license cards are are all expired and invalid. None of them are recognised anywhere in Australia any more.
  • If you are operating machinery on any of those old licenses, stop, and get your correct, current HRW license. You are driving unlicensed.

What if I do nothing?

Did you also know there is a fine if you’re caught driving a Forklift unlicensed, or on an expired license?

Work Safe Qld, or Workplace Health and Safety Qld issue on the spot fines. The personal fine for someone caught is $3000!

Forklift Fines