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Once only available as workplace-based training – now available to the public.

With the support of our Supply Chain Industry Partners in the Brisbane Tradecoast region, we are excited to announce this program is now open to the public.

Our course TLILIC0011 – Licence to Operate a Reach Stacker (greater than 3 tonnes capacity) results in the nationally recognised RS Class High Risk Work Licence. The course is also open to employers if they wish to send individual employees to the course and not host it in the workplace.

Course schedule:

Held at our Port of Brisbane Trade Coast partner facility, the course funs for four days and is delivered as face to face learning.

  • Day 1. Theory training
  • Day 2. Practical training, theory group revision
  • Day 3. Practical training, theory group revision
  • Day 4. Theory and practical assessment

How to book:

Call our team on 1300556387. More course information is also available on our website.


While there are no formal pre-requisites, it is recommended entrants have some familiarity with machinery operation. A person with no familiarity working with plant and machinery of any type may require additional training which is not within the scope of this course.

What is a Reach Stacker?

The Reach Stacker is a piece of mobile load shifting, or materials handling equipment that falls under the Australian category of High Risk Work Plant. The machine consists of a mobile platform with either a fixed or variable-position cabin, and a boom; in some ways, a Reach Stacker can be considered a hybrid of a crane and a Container Handling Forklift.

The boom has an attachment commonly referred to as a Top Lift Spreader. This attachment allows the machine to clamp onto shipping containers of variable size, from the top, and lift them from locations such as a truck, rolling stock, ground or container stack, and move the container to an alternative location. Having a boom allows the Reach Stacker to achieve tasks beyond that of a conventional container handling forklift, thereby reducing handling time, cost and equipment efficiency. The Reach Stacker has long been the equipment of choice in all container handling facilities.