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Recently we have been contacted by workers wanting to do our face to face white card course because they have not been allowed access to some construction work-sites because they did their White Card course online.

Why? Because the principal contractor was not satisfied that the quality of the training being delivered online was up to their company standard. There is also a lack of evidence with older cards that the person who completed the course, is the person who is presenting for work.

This is exactly why we do not deliver online training for Construction Induction White Card. At One Stop Training we believe some courses are just better when delivered face to face. It allows open discussion, group input and more flexible learning. Successful students also receive their White Card on the same day.

Some companies may deliver a good online program, and they may really care about trying their best to give a good learning outcome.

There is no substitute though, for an experienced trainer, with industry knowledge and currency working face to face with a group to keep them safe.