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Inspectors are on the move and checking licences

WHSQ today announced a new inspection campaign focussing on pedestrian safety around vehicles and mobile plant.

As well as traffic management on-site, inspectors are checking:

  • if operators hold current high-risk work licences e.g. Forklift, Order Picker
  • whether mobile plant is properly maintained.

Learn more about the Workplace Health and Safety Qld campaign here.

Fines aren’t fine

The personal on the spot fine for an operator caught without a licence is now $3000, and the employer is also fined.  Now is not this time to get caught driving unlicensed or employing unlicensed operators.


We hold regular Forklift and Order Picking Forklift Licence Courses from multiple sites across South East Qld.

Remember, any person operating high-risk plant must be either:

  • a current licence holder or
  • be enrolled with a Registered Training Organisation and under training

In the past, some people have thought that because they own the machine or the site, or are on private property it is OK to operate without a licence.  These factors actually make no difference – operating without the licence is against the law regardless of who is operating, where they are operating or who owns the equipment.

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Take the lead

For some years One Stop Training has delivered a People and Machines workshop for businesses small and large, tailored and contextualised to specific businesses and delivered to :

  • Front line operations workers
  • Supervisors and forepersons
  • Line managers
  • Executives

If you would like to learn more about these workshops, call Jeff at One Stop Training on 0733992285 or email Jeff here.