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Forklift Licences Cancelled

By March 4, 2019September 21st, 2021No Comments

Last week the Office of Industrial Relations sent letters to some Forklift operators in South East Qld, warning their licences may be cancelled. The assessors have not properly completed the testing. Therefore the training and assessment process was not compliant, making the licence invalid.


Forklift Licences are at risk of being cancelled leaving some Forklift Operators at risk of being unlicensed. Unfortunately, operators jobs may be at risk. Further, this has left some forklift operators tied up in Government investigations.


  1. Check your training provider closely.
  2. Does the course sound too short? If so, why?
  3. Does your training company look professional?
  4. Does the training seem too cheap? If so, why?
  5. Are you booking with an actual Registered Training Organisation?
  6. Does something not feel right about the course or the training?
  7. Have you done a course and didn’t feel like you learned anything?

Then you need to ask some more questions. Don’t be the next victim of a “Forklift Course” in a shack in a driveway, or a shed in a paddock from a popup trainer – there one minute, gone the next.

Learn more about One Stop Training and the way we do what we do. Established in 2004, and an RTO since 2008 we have been training and assessing Forklift Operators the right way. Therefore, we will do what we say we do.

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