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Order Picker or Forklift? What’s the difference?

By May 14, 2015September 20th, 2021No Comments

For a start there is a different Licence for each one. The Forklift Licence is the LF classification (why it’s not FL is anyone’s guess) and the Order Picking Forklift is classed as the LO (again, OP would have been a better idea, but anyway…)

The big difference is on a Forklift, the operator stays in the cab of the machine at ground level and moves loads mechanically.

  • In an Order Picking Forklift the Operator goes up into the air with the load and either places pallets mechanically, or moves smaller loads on and off the order picker manually.
  • In a forklift the operator sits on a seat with a seatbelt, a steering wheel and hand controls to move the lifting mechanisms. It has a brake and accelerator similar to a car.

An Order Picking Forklift has an Operators Platform from where the driver can control the machine using a series of handles, paddles, steering crank and lift/lower buttons. The Operator stands on the platform, secured by a fall arrest lanyard attached to a safety harness.  Generally, an Order Picking Forklift is Battery Operated, whereas Forklifts can be Petrol, Diesel, Gas or Electric.

Some work environments share the workspace with both machines, making the most of the unique abilities of each. Pallet racking systems can suit a variety of different size, weight, capacity and power machines.

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