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6 things to know about choosing a Forklift

By August 4, 2015June 1st, 2021No Comments

Gas/LPG Forklifts

  1. 1.     Positives:  These are normally quieter than a diesel forklift and their exhaust fumes less offensive.  They are usually quicker, have a faster lift speed and generally outperform the electric and diesel competitors. They can be utilised inside and outside the warehouse environment.
  2. 2.     Negatives: Fuel costs and maintenance may be higher than with diesel.

Diesel Forklifts

  1. 3.     Positives:  They are ideally suited for work mainly outside with the fumes escaping into the atmosphere and not causing and health and safety issues.  They are generally more powerful, with better acceleration and lift speed than an electric forklift and have a longer life span.
  2. 4.     Negatives: Noisier in operation. Due to the fumes they emit, they are not really suited to be operating in a warehouse.

Electric Forklifts

  1. 5.     Positives: Fume free with no harmful emissions. They are quiet in operation and due to their more compact size, they are generally more manoeuvrable than gas or diesel forklifts.  Maintenance and servicing costs are also less.
  2. 6.     Negatives:  Their purchase price is generally higher because of the battery and charger.  Unless they are charged they cannot be used and therefore requires someone to remember to plug them in. More suited for warehouse work and away from the elements.