Any course resulting in a High Risk Work Licence (HRWL) has specific assessment conditions. These are mandated by WorkSafe Australia, as are the assessment tools. We are not permitted to change the assessment, regardless of circumstances, as required by the Industry Regulator.

We are required by that regulator, in part, to suspended our Principles of Assessment and Rules of Evidence as found in the Student Handbook SH22 in order to comply with the conditions as handed down for the issuance of HRWL qualifications. Every training company must use the same test.

If you are not successful first time, you are reassessed using the exact same test.


These mandated assessment conditions are handed down by the Industry Regulator, Workplace Health and Safety Qld, Worksafe Queensland and Safe Work Australia. We are not permitted to deviate from these conditions.

  • You must formally identify yourself on the day using these criteria.
  • There are up to 15 minutes of reading time, if needed, before starting the assessment
  • During this time an assessor can clarify any questions which may be misunderstood
  • While the assessment must be completed in English, it is NOT a spelling and grammar test
  • Interpreters for non-English speaking persons are not permitted
  • This is a closed book assessment. Calculators are provided if needed
  • The written assessment should be finished within two hours.
  • There are no breaks scheduled during the theory assessment, save imperative personal breaks
  • Questions must be answered without any help. References cannot be used, such as books or course notes
  • On completion, the assessor will check the answers and ask for verbal explanation of any unclear answers


  • Written element: 61 questions – a pass requires 57 correct responses
  • Calculations element: 9 question – a pass requires 9 correct responses. A calculator is provided should you wish to use it
  • Clarification: Assessors are able to seek clarification. This is an opportunity to verbally explain a response which may have proved difficult to write correctly. If a question is clearly and wholly incorrect however, clarification may not me sought
  • Duration: The written assessment should be finished within two hours. If it takes longer, the extra time will be taken into account when overall competency is assessed


It is not a spelling and grammar test. However, due to the nature and seriousness of the HRWL assessment there is a requirement for very good English language reading, writing and comprehension.

It is important to be able to write basic concepts and keywords in the answers in an understandable way, as a minimum.

Those who identify as illiterate, or not functionally literate need to declare this prior to beginning the course – a verbal assessment may have to be considered.

Declaring this on the first day of the course does not allow appropriate recommendations to be made – please get in touch with Student Support Services on 1300 556 387.


Should a person not be able to complete the assessment in the written format, a verbal one-on-one assessment option may be available. In this instance, the questions are asked verbally by the assessor and the answer provided by the student.

The assessor must write the candidates response as stated, regardless of whether correct or incorrect and is not permitted to coach the candidate to arrive at the answer, or re-train during the assessment. Clarification opportunities will still apply, however after completion.

Verbal assessments are not included in course fees. It is an to additional charge and is conducted as a separate event to a standard course / assessment. Please call 1300 556 387 to discuss personal circumstances and related fees, as each case is different.


The assessment procedure and practice, as mandated, must be adhered to by The RTO and the assessor. The Qld state regulator is Worksafe Qld. The National regulator is Safe Work Australia. These are the parties who mandate and control the assessment tools and procedure with which we must comply. If you wish to provide feedback we recommend the Worksafe Qld online form here, or calling direct on 1300 362 128.