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Three top responsibilities of Forklift Drivers

By September 8, 2015June 1st, 2021No Comments

1. Everybody else. In the workplace everyone is part of the one team. Like driving on the road we all have a responsibility to each other.

2. Understanding the machine. Is it ready to operate, fuel, fluids, lubricant, tyres. What is the load capacity, what is the load centre. Are the hazard lights working? Are all the controls functioning.

3. Assume you are invisible to others. Remember that people who are not Forklift Operators probably assume you can see everything around you, can hear every signal and warning and know where all the hazards are. The reality is that you are sitting on a noisy engine, your view is obstructed by the mast and the ROPS, your focussed on the stability of the machine and the load, all while manging the other machines in the workplace, people and loads. While some hazards are fixed others are constantly moving and changing, so an operator is constantly scanning and responding.