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Forklift Tyres – What types are there?

By August 3, 2015June 1st, 2021No Comments

As a rule, the forklift tyres you will come across in a warehouse are slick solid black rubber in construction.  Is it any wonder when they are required to lift tremendous amounts of weight?  If it was an air filled tyre, also known as Pneumatic, it could quite possibly blow out under a heavy load.  The result of that would mean the balance of the forklift is affected and can result in it tipping over.

Forklifts can quite often be seen operating on construction sites, timber yards and rail depots.  The terrain that they may be required to operate on may require the fitting of pneumatic tyres.  These treaded tyres are softer, and more suitable for operating on a muddy, sandy or gravel based ground.

In warehouses where there is either food handling/preparation or just a requirement for a cleaner environment, you will also come across forklifts that have WHITE solid rubber tyres fitted.  These white NON MARKING tyres do not leave any marks on the warehouse floor, and you will hear them ‘squeak’, just like you hear rubber sandshoes on a basketball court.

Always consult your forklift provider to ensure the equipment provider is matched to the environment you need the forklift to operate in.