Covid-19 Policy

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We have been introducing a range of measures to limit the impact of COVID-19 and support you in continuing your study. We are continually evaluating our approaches to ensure your safety and wellbeing based on formal advice from reputable sources.

Our Operations Manager has recently completed the Australian Government Department of Health Infection Control Training – COVID-19. Some information and processes are based on these learnings.


The present situation means our conventional course schedule, methods and location have changed to suit and will continue to change if required by the Federal Government.

Please work with as we do our utmost to keep our training services running, helping people achieve the qualifications they need to keep working and thank you for keeping our team working, which in turn keeps our team working as well – we’re all in this together.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has identified that both the Logistics Industry and education are part of the solution, and critical to maintaining services and employment.

For that reason, travel for the purpose of education is permitted, as this is deemed as essential travel if it is not possible to do so from home or online.

Remember your personal responsibility to those around you when you are travelling to and from your course. If you are travelling on public transport, observe the signed regulations on the buses, ferries and trains and follow the guidance of the authorities on these services


Do not come to a course if you are unwell. Ring and let us know when you are able. We recommend you contact your GP or health care professional immediately

Do not come if you suspect you may have been in contact with someone who is unwell. It is not worth the risk of making others unwell. Do not attend the course.

When attending our courses your temperature may be checked by laser periodically. If high, you will be asked to not enter the premises. We recommend you contact your GP or health care professional immediately

Group size restrictions

We are monitoring the group sizes to remain in line with the present guidelines of 4 square metres per person, and at least 1.5 metres between each seating position. Please leave your seats and tables in the position you find them

Processes and procedures

One Stop Training has processes and procedures in place to minimise the risk of transmission for our trainees and team. These are in constant revision, so do not be surprised if there are new or alternative processes introduced along the way.

This means there will be some things we will do which are a bit out of the ordinary but reflect the time we live in and if we’re all doing them it will become standard practice quickly.

Critical points

Each person will be required to clean their hands at the entry using the sanitiser provided

This will have to be repeated whenever entering the facility such as returning from a break

During enrolment sessions we may use only chairs and clipboards – desks will be in place for the course itself

For the course, your desk and chair at the start of the course will be your desk and chair for the duration. Please do not move from desk to desk.

We will be holding courses in large indoor spaces with constant fresh airflow

Please bring a pen and any notepaper you feel you may need

Pens can be provided for those without one, and we ask that you keep it for the course and dispose of it or keep it at the end. We do not want it back.

We ask that you leave no personal belongings behind at the end of each day

Food hygiene practices mean we will not be able to provide the tea and coffee station that we normally would

If you are bringing food, please keep it your own bag or cooler, as we will not have a common access fridge available

Bring your own water bottle from home

Maintain social distance when in common areas per Department of Health advice

A basin and handwash are provided and we ask that you use it as often as you feel necessary

Washing your hands after using the toilet is obvious, but a reminder in caseā€¦

Washing your hands before and after eating food is essential

At the completion of each day, each person will be provided with a disinfectant wipe for your table and chair. Once used place it in the bin at the exit door

The toilet and other common areas will be sprayed with a disinfectant spray at the end of each day

There will be basic manual handling exercises, including the use of a pallet jack. The disinfectant spray is provided for after each persons use

During the Forklift or Order Picking Forklift Training, we will now be providing a clean-down disinfectant wipe between each use

If you need to cough, do so into the crook of your arm or use a tissue – place it in the bin provided and wash your hands

Personal responsibility

None of our procedures remove or replace the personal responsibility we all have to each other to maintain our social distance of 1.5 metres from any other person.

It is easy to get it wrong and easy to forget, so if we have to remind someone, or ourselves, we need to be polite about it.

We are all getting used to the same new reality.

What is social distancing?

One way to slow the spread of viruses is social distancing (also called physical distancing).

The more space between you and others, the harder it is for the virus to spread. Learn more here

Online Learning

Logistics specialist training requires significant elements of face to face delivery. One Stop Training is working at-speed to translate non-critical elements to online delivery.

This will result in a mixed-mode capability which will allow even greater social distancing and we will be posting updates as they are available.

Information from reputable sources

Department of Health here

World Health Organisation here

iSafe data sheets

Our partners at iSafe and Corporate Protection Australia are compiling critical data and updating it daily.

Please visit the iSafe website for the latest data sheet here.

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