Forklift Training FAQ's

How much is the forklift licence?

It depends on the number of people and whether it is at one of our sites or yours. The best way to check the current pricing is to look at our forklift training page here.These rates are regularly updated.

What is a forklift certificate?

A forklift certificate ticket is a colloquial term for a forklift licence. There is no other certification of qualification that permits an individual to operate a forklift other than the LF licence and its training program. There is a Statement of Attainment issued on successful completion of the forklift course which takes the form of a certificate.

Where can I get a forklift licence in QLD?

We have permanent training facilities in South East Queensland.

  • Wacol
  • Eagle Farm
  • Molendinar
  • Murarrie

For more information on locations, click here.

Is the forklift licence Australia wide?

Yes. The LF forklift licence is a nationally recognised qualification.

What type of forklift can I drive?

Any LF forklift with a mast and carriage mechanism – e.g. counterbalance and hi-reach.

What weight does my forklift licence cover?

There is no limitation placed on the weight of the machine.

Does the forklift licence cover a container handling forklift?

Yes, as long as it is fitted with a mast and carriage mechanism. E.g. a reach stacker which has a crane-type boom is not an LF forklift – it is a CN or RS.

Why did the forklift course used to take one day but now takes longer?

There have been many changes in the forklift competencies over the past five years. The training and assessment model has been made significantly more robust by workplace health and safety authorities Australia-wide due to the increasing number of incidents involving that type of equipment. The cost is relative to the duration and has increased in line with that.

What types of forklifts are used on the training course?

We tray and have a diverse a range of equipment as is possible. Machines from different manufacturers with differing operation methods are used, e.g. Crown, Hyster, Mitsubishi, TCM and Samsung.

Do I need a forklift licence?

If you ever operate a forklift, even for a brief period of time you must either hold a forklift licence or be in a training program with a Registered Training Organisation to achieve one.

I own the Forklift and the business – do I still need the licence?

Yes. It is like owning a car – that doesn’t give you the authority to operate it if you have no licence, even if it is on your own property.

What does the forklift test cover?

The forklift test is a combination of theory and practical operation elements, which contains critical and non-critical sections. Critical sections must be 100% correct; the non-critical sections allow a little more flexibility for incorrect answers. There is also now a calculations section whereby you must assess loads to calculate the weight to be handled. Calculators are permitted for this section.

  • Pre-operational checks
  • Workplace hazards
  • Risk assessment
  • Safe operation of a forklift
  • Manoeuvring
  • Controls and basic functions
  • Attachments
  • Refuelling
  • Racking, pallets, and loads
  • The theory and practical assessment

Where can I find the answers to the forklift test or assessment?

During your course, you will be issued a learner guide. All the material you need to know to pass the assessment is contained in the learner guide. You are also taken through each element step by step during the theory training process. You WILL have to study the learner guide.

How long does the forklift test or assessment take?

Depending on how quickly the group moves through the theory assessment, (up to three hours) the activity is normally completed in half to two-thirds of a work day. If it is just one person then it is normally over by lunch time, for example.

How much is the forklift course?

The cost will vary depending on the location. Go to our home-page for more information, or click the book now button for individual pricing and location options. There are group discounts available so it is wise to call and talk to us, so we can tailor something specific to you.

How old do you have to be to get a forklift licence?

You must be 18 years old to sit the assessment. If however, you are within six months of turning 18, you can begin the logbook training process. It is best to call our training hotline on 1300 556 387 to discuss options.

When are forklift courses scheduled?

Every week in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We can generally get you into a course with as little as a few days notice.

Can I get an onsite forklift licence?

Yes. We can either deliver an entire course on a customer premises anywhere in Queensland, or we can deliver a two-part training program in the form of forklift logbook training.

Where do I get a forklift logbook?

Forklift logbooks can only be issued by Registered Training Organisations, like ourselves, and these are only valid after there has been an accredited and documented formal training process.

What is a forklift logbook?

A forklift logbook is a formal record of training and ongoing activities completed under the supervision of a licenced operator. This is part of a broader training program and is only valid for a limited time.

What is involved in forklift logbook training?

This is a three part process. Part one is the formal training, whereby the essential elements of face operation are taught, as well as vehicle stability and control. Part two is the accrual of a minimum of 40 hours of workplace experience under the supervision of a licenced operator. Part three is the assessment. All of these are generally conducted in your workplace, but can also be done at any of our sites.

What identification do i need to do the forklift course?

Photographic ID is required to be sited before commencing the training program. Once completed you are required to lodge an application with Australia Post who will need 100 points of identification to lodge your licence.

What is forklift licence renewal?

This is the five-yearly process of renewing the new photographic class of licence. It will require a reapplication with Australia Post each five years. Because the new system is exactly that, new, the first of the renewals will not be due for a couple of years yet. It is the responsibility of the licence holder to renew the licence prior to expiration.

Does my forklift licence expire?

Yes. The photographic licences are valid for a period of five (5) years. They can be renewed at an Australia Post Branch.

Is my paper or cardboard forklift licence still good?

No. All old style paper and cardboard forklift licences have now expired. You will need to sit the forklift assessment and re-apply for a new photographic licence.

Is my old blue and yellow plastic licence still good?

Probably not; almost all the old plastic non-photographic licences have now been expired by WHSQ. Call us for more information.

What will I be taught on the forklift course?

All of the elements from the assessment will be taught on the course. Pre operational checks, stability theory, risk assessment and safety, vehicle operation, pallet racking, various load types, estimation of weights – everything that is required to pass the assessment – it’s up to you to make it happen and remember it though!

What is a forklift training plan and do I need one?

Yes, you need one if you are in any training. The training plan is a document developed during the formal training that is designed to measure the level of training you require and document it for the training process. It is a formality but is legally required.

What sort of jobs could I get with a forklift ticket?

The forklift is probably one of the most versatile pieces of equipment around and can be found in a huge variety of businesses.

What is the national code of the course?

TLILIC2001A – Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck.

How do I get a Forklift Licence in Brisbane?

Complete and pass a forklift training course and assessment.

What is a forklift ticket?

A forklift ticket is a colloquial term for a forklift licence. There is no other certification of qualification that permits an individual to operate a forklift other than the LF licence and its training program.

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